Friday, 20 July 2012


translation of verses.

4. one unmoving that is swifter than mind, that the gods  reach not, for it progresses ever in front. that standing, passes beyond others as they run. in that the master of life establishes the waters.

5. that moves and that moves not; that is far and the same is near; that is within all this and that also is outside all this.



The lord and the world, even when they seem to be distinct, are not really different from each other; they are one brahman.


God is one stable eternal reality. he is one because there is nothing else, since all existence and non existence are he. he is stable or unmoving, because motion implies change in space and change in time and he beyond time and space is immutable. he possess eternally in himself all that is has been or ever can be and he therefore does not increase or diminish. he is beyond casuality and relativity therefore there is no change of relations in his being. 


the world is cyclic movement of divine consciousness in space and time. its law and in a sense it's object is progression; it exists by movement and would be dissolved by cessation of movement. but the basis of this movement is not material; it is energy of active consciousness which, by its motion and multiplication in different principles ( different in appearance , same in essense )., creates opposition of unity and multiplicity, divisions of time and space, relations and groupings of circumstances and causality. 

mental consciousness is not the power that creates universe. that is something infinitely more puissant , swift and unfettered that mind. it is pure omnipotent self awareness of absolute unbound by any law of relativity. the laws of relativity  upheld by the gods are its temporary creation. their apparent eternity is only the duration immeasurable to us, of the world which they govern. they are laws regularising motion and change not laws binding the lord of movement. the gods therefore are described as continually running in their course. but the lord is free and unaffected by his own movement. 


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