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The motion of world works under the government of a perpetual stability. change represents the constant shifting of the apparent relations in an eternal immutability.


Unity is the eternal truth of things, diversity a play of unity. the sense of unity has therefore been termed knowledge, vidya, the sense of diversity ignorance, avidya. but diversity is not flase except when it is divorced from the sense of its true and eternal unity. 

brahman is one, not numerically but in essence. the many in the universe are sometimes called parts of universal brahman as waves are parts of sea.

creation  is not a making of something out of nothing or of one thing out of another, but a self projection of brahman in conditions of time and space. 

brahman as the absolute and universal has the power of standing back from itself in the relativity. it conceives, by a subordinate movement of consciousness, the individual as other than universal, the relative as different from absolute. without this separative movement, the individual would always tend to loose itself in the universal, the relative to disappear into absolute. 


Brahman representing itself in the universe as stable by its immutable existence (sat) , is purusha, god, spirit; representing itself as motional, by power of its power of active consciousness (chit ), is nature, force or world - principle (prakriti, shakti, maya ). the play of these two principles is the life of universe. 


What is its intention is the movement?
it is a formula symbolically expressive of the unknowlable- so arranged that every level every level of consciousness really represents something beyond itself, depth of depth.

brahman in matter called prithvi , represents itself as universal life power, matarishwan, which moves there as dynamic energy, prana. 


There are seven constituents of chit, active in universe ( called as the seven heavens later ).
we are aware of three elements in our being, mind , life, body. but this is not whole of our being. we have behind a superconscious existence which also has three constituents, sat, chit, ananda. 

sat, is essence of our being. it is divine counter part of physical substance.
chit , is pure energy of consciousness , free in its rest or actions, as opposed to prana which feeding upon physical substances, are dependent on them. it is divine counter part of lower nervous  or vital energy. 

ananda, is beautitude, the bliss of pure conscious existence. it is divine counter part of lower emotional , sensational being.

this higher existence is called amritam, immortality, and offered to us as goal to be aimed at felicity to be enjoyed, when we have transcended the state of death.

the higher divine is linked to lower mortal existence by causal idea, or super mental knowledge will  vijnana. it is the causal idea which by supporting and secretly guiding  mind , life, body ensures and compels the right arrangement of universe. 

vijnana, the truth , leads the divine consciousness back to one. it also sees truth of things in multiplicity. it is divine counterpart of lower divided intelligence. 

the seven powers of chit are spoken by vedic rishis as waters. they are imaged as currents flowing into or rising out of general sea of consciousness in human being. 

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