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the veda speaks of two oceans, the upper and lower waters. these are ocean of the subconscient , dark and inexpressive, and the ocean of the superconscient, luminous, and eternal expression but beyond the human mind. vamdeva in the last hymn of the fourth mandala speaks of these two oceans.

( समुद्राद ऊर्मिर मधुमां उद आरद उपांशुना सम अम्र्तत्वम आनट | 
घर्तस्य नाम गुह्यं यद अस्ति जिह्वा देवानाम अम्र्तस्य नाभिः || )

 he says that a honeyed wave climbs up from the ocean and by means of this mounting wave which is soma (amsu) one attains entirely to immortality; that wave or that soma is the secret  reality behind the action of mind in it's shining clarity (ghritasya , symbol of clarified butter) ; it is the tongue of gods with which they taste the delight of existence; it is nodus (nabhi ) of immortality in which all activities of immortal state or divine existence is bound together. 

vamdeva goes on to say ,
(वयं नाम पर बरवामा घर्तस्यास्मिन यज्ञे धारयामा नमोभिः | 
उप बरह्मा शर्णवच छस्यमानं चतुःश्र्ङगो ऽवमीद गौर एतत || )" let us give expression to this secret name of clarity , let us bring out this soma, this hidden delight of existence; let us hold it in this world sacrifice by our surrenderings or submissions to agni, the divine will or conscious power which is master of the being. he is four horned bull of worlds and when he listens to the soul thought of man in its self expression, he ejects this secret name of delight from its hiding place." 

(धामन ते विश्वम भुवनम अधि शरितम अन्तः समुद्रे हर्द्य अन्तर आयुषि |)
in the this verse he openly describes as ocean of the heart, (समुद्रे हर्द्य ), out of which rise the waters of clarity, ( घर्तस्य धारा); they flow becoming progressively purified by mind and inner heart.  he speaks of the whole of existence being triply established, first in the seat of agni, which we know to be truth consciousness, secondly in the heart, the sea same as heart ocean and thirdly in the life of man. the superconscient, the sea of subconscient, the life of living being between two, - this is vedic idea of existence. 

the sea of superconscient is the goal of the rivers of clarity, of the hoenyed wave, as the sea of subconscient in the heart within is their place of rising. this upper sea is spoken as sindhu. he says first gods sought and found the clarity the ghrtam, triply placed and hidden by panis in the cow, the gavi. the word go, is used in double sense of cow and light. cow is outer symbol and inner meaning is light. the cow is really aditi, the infinite consciousness hidden in subconscient and the triple ghrtam, is triple clarity of liberated sensation finding its secret of delight. half of a verse says, "one indra produced, one surya, one the gods fashioned by natural development out of vena."; for indra is the master of thought mind, surya is supra-mental light, vena is soma, the master of mental delight of existence, creator of sense mind. 

he means in thus hymn that the divine knowledge is all the time flowing constantly behind our thoughts, but is kept from us by the internal enemies who limit our material mind to the sense action and sense perception. they are like horses controlled and reined in; only when the waves of light have nourished their strength to the full does the straining steed break these limits and they flow freely towards that from which the soma is pressed out and sacrifice is born.
 and the goal is sindhu. superconscient ocean. 

this vedic imagery throws a clear light on similar symbolic images of puranas, especially on the similar famous symbol of vishnu sleeping after pralaya on folds of snake anantha upon the ocean of sweet milk. anantha means infinite, therefore they have told plainly that all pervading deity sleeps in period of non creation on the coils of infinite. and the ocean of milk is itself the vedic image as we saw here. 

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