Thursday, 13 September 2012

mantra 8 & 9 of second sukta for MITRA VARUNA

   with the ritam ( truth ) as agency, ritena; 
    increasing the action of the truth in man, rtavrdha
    touching or reaching the truth, enabling the mental consciousness to come into successful
    contact act with and possession of truth consciousness, rtasprsa;
    mitra and varuna are able to enjoy the use of vast effective will power, kratum brantam asathe;

    the two requisites in which vedic rishis always insist are light and power, the light of truth                  
    working in effective enlightened will. thus mitra varuna are shown to us in closing verse of hymn    
    working in full sense of truth, kavi tuvijaata urukshaya.
    kavi means possessed of truth consciousness and using it's faculties of vision.
    tuvijata is multiply born, for tuvi means force. by birth of god is always meant in veda their
    manifestation; thus tuvijata means "manifested multiply", in many forms and activities. 
    urukshaya means dwelling in wideness.  

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