Tuesday, 11 September 2012

mantra-7 , sukta-2 for MITRA VARUNA

mitra is "putdaksha", possessed of purified judgement; varuna is "risadas", he destroys all hurters or enemies. 
there are two obstacles which prevent the intellect from being a perfect and luminous mirror of truth consciousness ; first impurity of discernment or discriminative facultywhich leads to confusion of truth, secondly the many causes or influences which interfere with the growth of truth by limiting its full application or by breaking up connection and harmony of thought that express. 
varuna is "risaadas", destroyer of enemy, of all that seek to injure the truth. mitra, represents love, joy, and harmony, the foundation of mayas, and is "putdaksha".  working with purity of varuna and imparting that purity to discernment, he enables to get rid of all discords and confusions, and establish the right working of strong and luminous intellect. 

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