Monday, 24 September 2012


vishvedewas means universal collectivity of divine powers. in this hymn they are called for general action which supports and completes the function of ashwins and indra. they are to come to sacrifice in their collectivity and divide among themselves, each evidently for the divine and joyous working of his proper activity, the soma which the giver of sacrifice distributes to them;  " विश्वे देवास आ गत | दाश्वांसो दाशुषः सुतम || ". 

in the next rik the call is repeated with greater insistence; they are to arrive swiftly, " तूर्णयः", to the soma offering or it may mean , making their way through all the planes of consciousness, "waters", which divide the physical nature of man from their godhead and are full of obstacles to communication between earth and heaven; " अप्तुरः सुतमा गन्त तूर्णयः". they are to come like cattle hastening to the stalls of their rest at evening tide, "उस्रा इवस्वसराणि". thus gladly arrive they are gladly to accept and cleave to he sacrifice and support it, bearing it up in it's journey to it's goal, in it's ascent to the gods or home of gods, the truth, the vast; "मेधं जुषन्त वह्नयः". 

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