Tuesday, 11 September 2012


after indra vayu, mitra varuna is called in 7-9 mantras of second sukta. 
"mitram hue putdaksham, varunam cha rishadasham| dhiyam ghritancin saadhanta |7|
riten mitravaruna vritavridhavritashprisha| kratum brihantmashathe |8|
kavi no mitra varuna, tuvijata urukshaya daksham dadhate apasam |9|

in previous mantras indra and vayu have been called upon to perfect the nervous mentality, 
"niskrtam dhiya" by thought. but this thought has itself to be perfected, enriched and clarified before mind can become able of free communication with truth consciousness. therefore varuna and mitra, powers of truth are invoked " accomplishing luminous thought, " dhiyam ghritancin sadhanta.

"dhi" means thought or intellect.
"ghrta"- root "ghr" conveys idea of a strong brightness or heat. , it also mean to sprinkle or anont, greek chrio. it is capable of being used to signify any liquid, but specially bright thick liquid. thus it inwardly indicates rich and bright state or activity of brain power, (medha) as basis and substance of illuminated thought.

by "dhiyam ghritacim" therefore means the intellect full of rich and bright mental activity.

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